​Create a bold, new Jesus movie

A cinematic marvel to be dubbed into the languages of the world, to bring Jesus to a lost and dying world.

“It was several years ago, I was on a missionary trip in Africa, having lunch in a quiet café, and I began to muse what the opening verses of John’s Gospel might look like, dramatized on film. “In the beginning was the Word…”  It's so epic, only an epic film using the most advanced film technology could do it justice. I began scribbling notes on a napkin… and a vision grew:

Create a bold, new Jesus film to reach this bold, new 21st century; a film that weds the life-saving power of the Gospel with the impact-potential of a major motion picture – produced not by a film company for box office sales, but as a ministry to reach souls across the world.

Today's most influential medium is film. Let’s bring Jesus to people like never before. Let's make it free to people who have no means.  Let’s produce this film as “the body of Christ” – a film made by God’s children, for God’s children, to bring Jesus to a world that needs Him.

The notes I scribbled on that napkin are now part of a screenplay that is completed and ready for the cameras to roll.  We can do this – you and me, and believers all over the world.” Bruce Marchiano, Writer/Producer