The Journey Begins With a Decision

May 17, 2015

‚Äč...Hopefully a decision to follow what the Lord has instructed.  It's one of the most impacting things I discovered about Jesus in portraying him in so many Jesus movies over the years - all he did all day every day... was do what his Father instructed.  It truly was that simple - Jesus sought his heavenly Father and simply obeyed no matter what.  His obedience was perfect. Perfect unto death.  "Even death on a cross."

As seemingly impossible as that is for a guy like me (I can say that because I'm sure I'm no different than anyone reading this page), I just know it's God plan for all of us. And I know its the only way to the fullest fullness of the "hope and future" he desires for us.  In our human-ness and distraction and and... there isn't one of us who has hit that mark - other than Jesus. Still, I know he desires us to pursue it. I think of Jesus' words in the book of Matthew, "be perfect therefore..."  I take that as "you'll never reach it but go for it anyway."  Praise to Jesus!

That having been said, that simple "seek/obey" is my great challenge in making these movies.  I've just completed Alison's Choice, and I can't tell you how many times I would hold off making a decision because it just di dn't feel "right."  I can't tell you how many times I said to my co-producer, "I just don't think it's what the Lord wants." And I can't tell you how that frustrated him haha!

But now here I am at the end of that AC journey and I can only hope that I hit that mark more than missed it. And even as I now turn from AC to this NJM, it becomes even more important.  That's because NJM isn't a fictional story - it's God's Word. And that's nothing to play games with.  So with the AC journey weeks from ending (after a good rest haha!) I turn toward NJM. And that means... pray. Glory to Jesus!