A New Year Means Fresh Seeking

February 17, 2015

​Seeking the Lord, that is. One thing I've long-ago learned is that you have to approach every day in the Lord as an entirely new day. To just keep doing as you've done because that's what you've been doing, or even worse, to keep doing because now you've created this thing that needs constant feeding to keep it going... these are simply not the Lord's way. The Lord's way is extremely simple - and even more extremely, unfettered - "Thank you, Lord, for yesterday and what you showed me and what you asked me to do and the grace to do it... but now what today?"  I know this example is an over-simplification, but just to make the point, it's all Jesus really "did" 2000 years ago - day by day, as His Father asked/led Him. Jesus had one "strategy" as a Man 2000 years ago - ask His Father what do do and then do it, moment to moment, day by day... unto your salvation and mine, praise to Jesus!

So the new year gives us all the opportunity to "seek afresh." Re NJM I'll be looking to the Lord for any changes in what I've been doing and the ways i've been doing it. I'll be looking to Him to change my course if He so desires. "Lord, I know what worked yesterday... what do you have for me today." The way I see it there simply is no other way to make a movie about Him - there is only to seek and seek and seek Him. Praise to Jesus!

[Photo is a storyboard frame for NJM]