The Path From Paper to the Screen

March 23, 2014

​Glory to Jesus! We posted this photo on our Facebook page recently and it received such a great response.  It represents everything necessary to make this movie - locations, cast, budget, schedule... frame for frame and detail for detail.  I even think there are budget line items for #2 pencils and toilet paper, haha!  All to say, this mega-document that you see is that precise and that complete.  It is the first "concrete" stepping stone toward actual production.  And the extremely exciting thing - we were able to get our budget down to just under $13 million - a huge descent from the 45 we originally estimated.  And this without compromising production quality or creative vision. 

Why such a huge production?  Because the low budget thing has already been done and it's been done well, so there's no reason to re-do it.  We have to make a film that will draw the non-believer - a film they will want to see even though the subject isn't something they are interested in.  I remember a non-believer friend saying to me last year, "I saw this movie called XXXX." (Some friends of his wife who obviously know the Lord sat him down to watch it - praise Jesus!).  He went on to say, "The message was good, but I couldn't get past how the movie was so bad and cheesy..."  The relatively low quality of the story, actors, etc.... was so distracting he couldn't "hear" the message. 

I've heard this kind of comment many times in the 20 years I've been involved in Christian movies.  We believers often excuse it because we're so excited about the message - as well we should be.  But as I said, we're trying to reach the non-believer here - with the Gospel of Jesus.  So this NewJesusMovie simply has to be "the best."  And again, I'm THRILLED that we can pull that off for so much less than was originally estimated.  Praise to Jesus!

My next step is a personal location scouting trip to Israel.  Our production designer has completed his scouting, but for us on this side of the world, his photos can only tell us so much.  Before the year is over I'll need to see it all with my own eyes, and even check the same locations at different times of day to see the lighting and all.  I tell you, making a movie like this is a monumental task... but worth every inch of it with the goal of lives coming to Jesus at the finish line.  We look to Him with hearts of thanks!  We keep moving forward with the goal before us. Please donate if you haven't - even a small amount.  I need every one of you to come on board, ok?  Thanks!  Glory to Jesus!