Working with the Best

July 07, 2014

​So my Israeli production designer, Yuda Acco, was all set to come out here to L.A. this past week.  He was hired for a local film and our plan was to have location planning meetings during his down time. But lo and behold, he was offered a USA Network series that shoots in Jerusalem.  Here is the email I received from Yuda...Hi Bruce, my schedule changed because of a new job I'm involved.  I'm working on a TV show DIG for USA Network, that being shot in Israel till October.  Very interesting show from the creator or HERO and HOMELAND. So my trip to LA this Friday is postponed. My apologies but I know you understand. The Jesus movie continues to be most exciting and I continue my work on the project from this end...

Well, all I can say is my loss is the USA Network's gain, haha!  This is the way it goes when you're working with top guys who are always in demand! Go, Yuda, go!

So all to say our location meetings are on hold for the time being.  But all other wheels continue in motion. I think I've mentioned this but our shoot date is spring 2016. This gives me time to get Alison's Choice in the can/released and a year of pre-production for the NewJesusMovie - which sounds like a lot but with a movie this size it's a real crunch.  We praise Jesus every step of the way.  Glory to the name of JESUS!