How Do You Fund a “God Movie?”

January 09, 2015

​You fund it on your knees, by the power of God moving on the hearts of His children and His children obeying, unifying across culture and denomination for the common cause of God's holy purpose. The photo you see is of a pile of spare change collected by my precious daughter - just running around the house, looking through drawers, asking her brother, emptying her "spare change jar" and also her brother's haha!  She counted it out to $21.84 and came to me, saying, "Dad, this is for Alison's Choice." I tell you, a dad couldn't be more proud and humbled...

Now the fascinating thing about this is it cost her nothing but a bit of time and intention. I mean, this is change that has probably been sitting around for years and would continue as such if she hadn't done this. And how many among us do the exact same thing - throw their change in a drawer or jar and it collects and collects... and years go by as it continues to collect - years during which it could be serving God's purposes and saving lives.

Yes, $21.84 doesn't amount to much when the need is so huge. But added all together with everyone else's $21.84 it is easy to see how effortlessly a movie like AC, or in this case the NewJesusMovie, can be accomplished. The key is all of us doing our little part. Forgive my boldness but that's where we tend to fail as God's children - across the board, in every church etc., you have 1% of the people doing 200% of the work. If only we each did our little part - can you imagine what the Lord could accomplish through us! And it would be zero burden on any one or two. This is God's plan and way, my precious Christian bro/sister - the unity of His children, each humbly doing their part.

As it is the cameras will roll on Alison's Choice in a few days and of the many 1000's who are following the project via Facebook, Twitter, etc., only a couple hundred have given. It's the same with NJM. I'm often asked, "Why is NJM taking so long?" In all humility and honesty... it's because that spare change is still sitting in our drawers.

May we all be on bended knee before our Father's Spirit and Word! May we all hear His voice - and then "simply do" as He asks. It truly is that simple, precious bro/sister.  We bow before JESUS!