“There are Souls Attached to Our Obedience”

October 12, 2014

​Praise to Jesus! Recently I wrote a newsletter to update our supporters/followers and it has received such strong response I thought to publish it here.  It all stems from a sermon I heard once and a line the pastor kept saying as he encouraged us to focus on Jesus and what He's doing, and on the precious lives around us every day, rather than our noses so buried in our own little worlds that what the Lord wants to do through us passes us by  The line is, "There are souls attached to our obedience." Here comes the newsletter - as it so applies to this NewJesusFilm and the long road it's been - and the long road that is undoubtedly still before us....  

What a blessing life in the Lord is! Just today I was on the phone with a guy I’ve never met before. He’s a location scout for films and I was referred to him for Alison’s Choice. I was told he was a brother in the Lord but I had no idea! To make the long story short we weren’t on the phone for two minutes and we were laughing and sharing the goodness of God in our lives…  This precious brother I’d never met – it was like we’d known each other forever. I tell you, only in Jesus! Praise to Jesus!

It’s been a long while since I’ve written a letter like this. It’s a testimony to how blazing busy I’ve been, first shooting a film in England, then in Australia to share Jesus at a conference on the God Coast, and every other waking moment buried in producing Alison’s Choice and pushing forward NJM. I thank God for you who stand with me in all these tasks the Lord has placed before me. So many of you are so faithful – I know I say it a lot, but every measure of fruitfulness that flows is all because of you.  I thank God… for you.

As Friday winds down, the week has been all Alison’s Choice meetings – everything from casting to production to doing all I can to raise that final amount of need that is all the difference. I’ve pushed back our shoot dates to Jan. 8 – 21. We’ve also launched an indiegogo.com campaign – and I’d ask you to please share the link. At the same time, Sharon and Sally, my "right arms," are headed to South Africa for ministry to our AIDS orphans and more. And this as we begin prep for an SA crusade in early December and development planning for the NewJesusMovie which I’m targeting to shoot in spring 2016.

I will never forget sitting in a church service once and the pastor spoke these words over and over, “There are souls attached to our obedience…”  He was encouraging us all to keep our spiritual ears tuned to the Lord’s prompting and our focus more on Him and the precious lives around us than on our little worlds and agendas.  “There are souls attached to our obedience.”

I think of those words often, especially when it’s late on a Friday and the sun is sinking on a long week.  My MarchMin friends, there are souls attached to AC, attached to what Sharon/Sally will do in South Africa this coming week, attached to the NewJesusMovie (no matter how long it's taking!)… 

There’s this plexi-glass cover on my desk and I put photos and special notes under it.  Among them is a note I was handed after a crusade in SA years ago. It is written in broken English… “I was not able to walk for a distance. I had serious walking problem. Yesterday I was prayed for, when I arrive home I can now walk for a distance, I would like to thank God for my salvation.”

We praise Jesus for the privilege of serving Him, of making sacrifice unto Him, of celebrating the fullness of joy that comes with the hope of glory, of worshipping Him and worshipping Him… and then worshipping Him even more!

Praise to Jesus, praise to Jesus! Have a great weekend! Glory to Jesus!

Bruce Marchiano