A Week of Rest

July 17, 2015

​Recently Bruce sent this letter below, titled "A Week of Rest," to his supporters.  The response was so strong that we're publishing it here for all. May it be a great blessing to you...

Praise to Jesus! I trust this letter finds you consumed with the love and grace of our precious Father – and even more than that, just simply consumed with Him! Yes, we can so easily slip into seeking God for the wonders that flow so perfectly from His hand; we can so easily slip into loving what He does rather than loving Him.  It’s a subtle difference to be sure, but a huge one.  May all our hearts be so taken by Him.

This coming week I will enjoy the pleasure of taking my family away from all the work and summer school and busyness of southern California life, for a few days of quiet and vacation.  I praise Jesus for the privilege to do so.

You know, it’s not often noted but the Lord is all about rest. The life he wants for us is rest. The “I know the plans I have for you, plans for a future and a hope”… is rest.  Rest from sin; rest from hopelessness; rest from wanting; rest from fear…  Rest from striving and trying to figure everything out on your own; rest from battling whatever it is, for it is His great pleasure to “go before” each of us in every way. 

“Come to Me… and I will give you rest for your soul...”  “Come away, My beloved…”  “And I shall plant your feet in a spacious place…” “And you shall sit in the shade of your own tree and eat the fruit of your own vine…”  “And I shall scatter the enemies from around you…” And wipe every tear from your eyes.”  “For I am gentle and humble in heart – and you will find rest for your soul.”  Jesus!

Rest, my precious friend. Even within the challenge you may face today, He wants you to rest. He wants you to know He is with you; that He’s more powerful than whatever it is; that He’ll never leave or forsake you;  and though the end result may not be what you would choose yourself, He alone offers the promise to walk you through it every step of the way and cover you with “mercies never-ending.”

Some of you may know that my dear friend and brother, Pastor Martin Tivane, was “taken” by cancer a few years back.  It wasn’t long after my father went to be with the Lord as well. Martin’s passing especially was one of those that made no human sense at all, and even with all the relevant Scriptures in the world, still doesn’t fit in my mind or anyone else’s who knew him and knows the story. 

But you know, there are some things in this life, even for the strongest and most founded child of God, that simply can never be explained or understood on this side of heaven.  As Christians we so often make that mistake – thinking we should have all the answers.  We so often feel like we have to act as if we have all the answers.  But the Scriptural truth is, “who can know the mind of God?”  And so the evidence of true understanding is simply to fall on one’s face and cry like a child would cry in the lap of his/her daddy; a child who knows absolutely nothing – except “only my daddy can make it better.”

And carrying the analogy another step further, what does that child do after all those tears in daddy’s lap? Falls asleep… entirely at rest… in “Daddy’s” arms. 

Rest today, precious one.  It’s what He wants for you.  Let each of us… rest.