Why is This an Important Movie?

September 02, 2014

​Glory to Jesus!  Recently I received an email that was like the Lord saying to me, "Keep going, kid. There are lives attached to this movie!" It's an email that represents countless precious lives that the Lord loves so deeply.  It's an email that stands before me as all the inspiration I need to keep going strong.  I pray that it takes your breath away even as it did mine.  I pray it is the Lord's voice to you even as it is to me.  We praise Jesus for the opportunity to serve Him.  We praise and pursue Him no matter what odds, no matter what sacrifice.  And this precious email represents a huge reason why...

Bruce, I felt compelled to write you this email and thank you deeply for the heartfelt portrayal of Jesus that you give in your films. For most of my childhood I believed in some type of god, but never really found myself interested in religion. However, when I entered college, and up until a few months ago, I identified as an atheist. Not only dismissing the possibility of there being ANY god, but I often found myself in debates, challenging others beliefs; feeling compelled to be right. I even began to read verses in the Bible, looking for justification as to why it was illogical and ultimately worthless. I can't tell you the countless conversations with my friends and family in which I was convinced religion and belief in God did more harm than good. I can go on and on as to what made me have a change of heart, however it's your unbelievably loving portrayal of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew that made me sit there crying, wanting to understand more. I've since read the entire new testament, this time with my eyes open and not looking to dismiss what I know is true. I can't tell you how much this has saved my life. Keep doing what you're doing! Good luck and God bless!

Well, I can promise you I'll keep doing what I'm doing.  And you, my precious brother, and those you represent, are the reason why. Glory to Jesus! Glory to Jesus! We keep going strong! Glory to Jesus!