Am I the Only One Who Gets a Headache from Facebook/Twitter?

August 16, 2015

​Praise to Jesus! I check in with four different accounts - Facebook/Twitter for myself personally and for the film I've just completed, "Alison's Choice." Forgive me for being honest to say I have to force myself every time.  But whether I like it or not, this is how folks communicate these days so... there you have it!

I generally don't read through all the posts - who on earth has the time? I DO read every comment because to me this is all about precious people - and being a blessing to each and every one in the light of our precious God.  So I can promise you, I read your comments, every last one.  What I don't spend time on is all the posts/tweets that seem to literally FLOOD in from every direction. It's like this barrage of everything from what someone ate for breakfast to political bashing to self-promotion and back-slapping... And opinions! Like crazy, opinions! What is it these days that no one simply listens but rather blasts out an opinion?  Forgive me but I'm one of those guys who isn't interested in "what I think" - double entendre fully intended!  What I'm interested in is the TRUTH. And the truth is simple and all-encompassing: But for God's great grace you/I are condemnation-bound as a sinful creation. Jesus died that I - the "chief of sinners" - may have eternal life.  I tell you, that's cause for only one posture - awed humble-ness before the living God and before His children in deep recognition of the unfathomable depth of which I deserve none of what He's given me.  I tell you, precious friend, let us rather be slow to speak and quick to fall on one's face - before he who "endured so much opposition from sinful men" (Hebrews 12:3). There is all the "truth" you and I need!  Glory to Jesus!