Alison’s Choice Films in January - NJM in Spring 2016!

November 23, 2014

​Praise to Jesus! I know it's been confusing for some, why after so many years of working on NewJesusMovie I'd turn attention to the production of Alison's Choice. The answer is actually very simple - I just felt strongly it was the Lord's leading. And it makes sense also.  NJM is so much greater of an undertaking, costing millions, a cast of thousands, six months of filming, loads of visual effects... That's why it's taking so long to get off the ground!  On the other hand AC will cost a "mere" $200,000 and take us two weeks to film. So you can see how AC is so much more immediately do-able than NJM. At the same time, the cause behind AC is so very vital - the rescue of babies' lives from abortion. We are set to film in January 2015, praise to Jesus!

Another aspect is the funding of NJM. Some of you know I've been trying to raise the funds since 2005. It's a LOT of money - the budget now standing at 13 million. It's actually very simple to raise - non-Christian efforts have done it easily, the best example being Barack Obama's presidential campaign which raised 40 million in small donations of $5/10. The teen detective movie, Veronica Mars, was funded by fans to the tune of millions.  The key is everyone joining in.  This way the funds are raised and no one person feels the burden.  And it's very Biblical - take a look at Exodus 35.  So all to say, it has been a tough road raising the funds necessary for NJM - and the toughest part is knowing it is so easy to accomplish - if everyone joins in.

So another reason to do AC first - through its release I am asking the Lord to provide the funds for NJM.  The strategy is one movie feeds the next and the next and the next... Your donations are still the difference - please, we need you!  But may AC be the turbo-boost that NJM needs. One way or the other, NJM shoots in spring 2016. Mark that on your calendar, ok? Praise Jesus!

As HE wills, as HE leads, as only HIS ways can provide! We look to Jesus! Glory to the name of Jesus!